Geriatric First Aid Training CPR & Geriatric First Aid
become a volunteer if you have 2-3 hours to spare in a week
become a volunteer if you have 2-3 hours to spare in a week
become a volunteer if you have 2-3 hours to spare in a week
become a volunteer if you have 2-3 hours to spare in a week
"As the old crop has to be cut down and remixed into the soil
for the new crop to grow, so it should be with us humans."
"I have very many friends who are always sensitive to respond or keep in touch."
"Tell them in advance that if you feel down and out you will probably reach out to them, and you just want them to spend a few minutes listening to you."
Author: Natasha Anne Wheeler
"I keep going, uncertain but strong
Humming an echo of life's favourite song."
"The one very important festival that binds us together whether we are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, atheist or Banjara is our Independence Day."
"Many a time we do not realize how much we are learning from different people, leave alone acknowledging and appreciating them for what they have given us!"
Author: Jihyun Lee
"Research shows that students’ self-belief in their own problem-solving abilities
is far more important than their perception of school itself."
Author: Kumaraswamy S K
"There are arguments that only when you expect, you get disappointed,
so better not to expect anything from any one."
"You may have much more and better things to say than me,
and there may be people who appreciate your inputs."
"Of late, thanks to social media, a big uproar is created, and people even come on to the roads with placards and justifiable anger and protests"
"You should also be aware of the changes within you, how your aspirations and priorities evolve, what makes you happy or unhappy"
"Education is a process in which students acquire knowledge.
How one perceives the knowledge and what is the process
of coming to know are the pertinent questions here."
Author: Jennifer Stitt
"If we lose our capacity for solitude, our ability to be alone with ourselves,
then we lose our very ability to think."
"Become a child, don’t be an adult"

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Dynamics of CounsellingAll About Mental HealthEmotional IntelligenceYou Too Can Reach Out30 Days to a Better LifeBanjara Academy has published about thirty modestly-priced books dealing with parenting, study skills, mental health, counselling, teenagers, suicide prevention and life skills... More»


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On request, Banjara Academy conducts lectures, workshops, and training programmes on Human Behaviour, Relationships, Motivation, and Psychology for Companies, Banks, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals & NGOs. Some Recent Programmes.

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Our Gurukul is for young people whose parents are concerned and committed towards their better and holistic growth, not just academics. Our main aim is working with children who either do not wish to, or are unable to cope with rigid curriculum and pure academics. Read more...

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