Certificate in Life Skills Training
"Many a time we do not realize how much we are learning from different people, leave alone acknowledging and appreciating them for what they have given us!"
Author: Jihyun Lee
"Research shows that students’ self-belief in their own problem-solving abilities
is far more important than their perception of school itself."
Author: Kumaraswamy S K
"There are arguments that only when you expect, you get disappointed,
so better not to expect anything from any one."
"You may have much more and better things to say than me,
and there may be people who appreciate your inputs."
"Education is a process in which students acquire knowledge.
How one perceives the knowledge and what is the process
of coming to know are the pertinent questions here."
Author: Jennifer Stitt
"If we lose our capacity for solitude, our ability to be alone with ourselves,
then we lose our very ability to think."
"Become a child, don’t be an adult"
"A lot of the critical thinking that we do is based on the beliefs, values,
and the social rules that we believe in."
Author: Gina Mireault
"Researchers have started to examine what infant laughter can reveal about
the youngest minds, whether infants truly understand funniness, and if so, how."
"Become an ardent observer of body language, since it does not lie,
and gives one a much deeper insight into people you wish to understand
– much more than their words can."
Author: Manos Tsakiris
"A need, in particular a fundamental need, is something that is essential or
very important for someone to, for example, pursue a good life."
"With time, patience and understanding, most of these tensions can be overcome
and previous harmonious relationships restored and even improved."

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