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Young Ladies Loneliness Stress & AlcoholismYoung Ladies
Topics Page No.
1. Acknowledgements 4
2. What creates frustration in young girls? 5
3. What are addictive substances? 8
4. The biggest killer -- Alcohol 12
5. Social Drinking vs. Problem Drinking 15
6. Some Startling Facts & Statistics (survey of Bangalore youth) 18
7. How to Avoid 19
8. Deaddiction 22
9. Intervention Techniques 23
10. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 24
11. Life Skills Programme-Ms. Shanthi Ranganathan 26
12. Alcohol Consumption and its consequences for women
--Dr. Pratima Murthy
13. Women & Alcohol--Ms. Manjula Joseph 34
14. Alcohol and Adolescent Girl--Akber Ayub 38
15. Personal Experiences of affected people 45

Young Ladies : Loneliness, Stress & Alcoholism

Author : Dr. Ali Khwaja
ISBN : 81-88771-22-8
Publisher : Banjara Academy
Pages : 52
Price : 50/-

About The Book

Even as young women embrace the fact-paced world, becoming independent decision makers and taking long strides in their chosen professions, they are caught in a tug-of-war between the duality of traditional and modern society. Today, young women are expected to perform a multitude of tasks– they must study well, break into traditional male bastions, prove their worth, forge a career and still become home-makers and nurturers.It is not surprising that young women are searching for an identity in a confusing world. However, thwarted at several turns in life, many fail to find direction and stability and succumb to loneliness, stress and addiction.This book brings out the deep sources of frustration that derail a young woman's life. It throws light on how addictions occur and gives practical tips both on prevention and cure. Included in the book are the startling findings of an extensive survey conducted among educated youth in Bangalore. Also included are first-person accounts shared by some to ensure that others do not fall into the addiction trap they did.

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