Experiential Counselling Workshop (ECW)
01 April to 03 April 2015

Open to practising counsellors and those who wish to learn, sharpen Practical Psychological Counselling SKILLS!

Get a hands-on feel of what counselling psychology is all about!

Psychological Counselling Skills Workshop
Helped me to relate the theory with practicals. - Subha, IGDCS
Effective, interactive process. - Champa, IGDCS
Loads of do-able stuff on enriching my relationships. - Shalini
Feedback, Report: 2011 Counselling Skills Workshop.
Feedback, Report: 2012 Counselling Skills Workshop.

Date: Wed, 01 April 2015 - Fri, 03 April 2015
Timings: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm daily
Venue: Banjara Academy, RT Nagar, Bangalore
Fee: Rs 6,800 (including course material, working -lunch and tea)
Faculty: From Banjara Academy, may include eminent guest faculty
Contact: Sreedhar, Mobile: 9901625390, or the office, Phone: 080-23535766, 23535787

If you are interested in knowing more about counselling, you can attend this highly interactive programme (primarily being held for IGDCS students) covering the practical aspects of counselling, giving you a feel of face-to-face interactions with people, You will be supervised and corrected in order to improve your practice.

Students who enrol will be expected to attend all three days with punctuality, and participate in all the activities, including some practical home-work that may be assigned to them every day.

The Methodology will include:

  1. Demo counselling session by faculty as counsellor and a student as counsellee.
  2. Real-life counselling by one of the students, then helped by moderator, taking up real issues of the student who volunteers to speak out.
  3. Real-life sharing by a student, with general brainstorming on how it can/should be handled.
  4. Discussion of real-life case studies presented by faculty anonymously, with tips on how to handle, and review of what actually happened.
  5. Hot seat – group asks personal questions to volunteer, and gives emotional support.
  6. Pairing up as (Counsellee-Counsellor, Ce-Cr), and then counsellee (Ce) reports to group how she felt when she was counselled.
  7. Breaking into teams of Cr-Ce-Observer, and then observer reports to group how the performance of the counsellor (Cr) was.
  8. Student will recount any actual (formal or informal) counselling she has already done. Group will be asked for comments on how she handled it. Then Faculty gives comments.

Psychological Counselling Skills that will be Sharpened through the Exercises outlined above:

  • Becoming non-judgmental, giving total acceptance to counsellee
  • Rapport building, Making counsellee open out
  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Giving positive strokes
  • Empowering the counsellee
  • Goal setting
  • Balancing your own emotional needs
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