Art Therapy : Art & Drawing in counselling

Art & Colour has the power to heal and art therapy is now a recognized method of therapy.
Its surprising how every brush stroke, placement of picture on the page, or the size of each object there, can say something about the psyche of the person. Most of us feel their drawings and paintings are a conscious attempt at art. But every stroke of the brush has a meaning to it. For example, the way a child draws his family, talks about how important they are to him. If the mother comes right in the centre, then she is the most important factor in his life, and is she holds on to a purse, then he probably means to say that she manages the finances at home.

Ms. Anupama Bajaj – Ex DCS student will be conducting a workshop called 'Art & Drawing in counselling'. Drawing shows 'leakage from one's subconscious mind' and can be a powerful tool to understand clients' subconscious and psyche. It has been used and continues to be used as a tool in counselling relationships by the counsellors, teachers, medical professionals, social workers, psychiatrists, etc. in many countries. Seen as an important tool when working with children they can easily be used with adolescents and adults.

This workshop aims to teach to participants how to understand drawings and what to look for in drawings to achieve the task of understanding client's world better.

Date : Monday, November 20th 2010
Time : Saturday, 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Venue : Banjara Academy
418, 1st Block, 1st Main,
R.T.Nagar, Bengaluru, Karanataka – 560032
Fee : Rs. 500/-

The workshop is open to counsellors, therapists, teachers, social workers and anyone interested in understanding themselves using art.

For registrations and further information contact : Banjara Academy – Anees or Venu 080-23535766 / 23535787

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