Workshop for Counsellors at Police Commissioner's Office Bengaluru

Organized by Parihar, a charitable organization.

Program held on 11 July 2017, at Police Commissioner's Office, Bengaluru.

Dr. Ali Khwaja of Banjara Academy conducted a workshop for counsellors at Police Commissioners office Bengaluru 11 July 2017-3

Dr. Ali Khwaja was invited on 11 July 17 by Parihar. Parihar, a charitable organization established in 1998 is registered as a society under societies Act 1960, situated at the office of the Commissioner of Police and is supported by Bengaluru City Police and managed by a team of professional counsellors, volunteers, and police staff. Dr Khwaja was invited as a guest faculty for the counsellor training program to speak on sensitive subjects as adolescence, parenting and pre-marital counselling.

Talking about teenagers and adolescents Dr Ali touched the subjects of substance abuse, social media addiction, behavioural issues and rigid dichotomy between parent’s expectation and what children are actually doing. He emphasized on the power of actual listening and he made the participants do a small exercise to test their own listening abilities. He also gave some examples from his experience to explain how the parents talk and what the children actually hear. This lack of listening leads to a misunderstood child.

On pre-marital counselling, Dr. Ali threw light on the actual need to get married. Giving example of youngsters wanting to run away from family to tie the nuptial knot he explained the basic value of the institution of marriage is not to run from the present scenario, but to enhance the life further. One should not get married to feel complete, but be complete within self and then get married. He emphasized that marriage is not the basic meal but the dessert in life and there is no such thing as complete compatibility. One should treat it as a value addition and therefore rather than becoming emotionally dependent one should prepare to become a self-empowered and a happy life partner.

The next part of the session was interactive where participants were given complex situations to deal with as a counsellor along with a learning of how to identify the prime emotions and start working and narrowing down from there.

Last segment was a question answer round where participant’s queries where dealt with satisfactorily.

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