Seva Counselling Centre, Hyderabad, to work together with Banjara Academy, Bangalore

Ali with Havovi, one of the founder members of Seva Counselling Services, Hyderabad
Dr Ali Khwaja with Havovi, one of the founders of Seva, September 2011, at Sunshine Hospitals Auditorium, Hyderabad

With the common mission of reaching out to people, Seva, a voluntary organization in Hyderabad ( and Banjara Academy are happy to announce that they will be working together in psychological counselling and related activities.

In areas such as counselling, psychology, motivation, human behaviour and relationships, Seva and Banjara Academy will endeavour to produce and offer books, booklets, talks and videos and also conduct in Hyderabad and, if required, in other parts of Andhra Pradesh, workshops and training programmes.

Thanks to Seva, a series of video talks by Dr Ali Khwaja on psychological counselling are being offered free to all who are interested in understanding themselves, self-growth and reaching out. The first talk How to Develop and Practise the Skill of Empathy to Understand People? is already available (with captions in English) for your viewing and learning pleasure.

Coordinators in Hyderabad for Banjara's Online Courses in Counselling Skills
For the psychological counselling courses (especially, online) currently being conducted by Banjara Academy,  Seva will coordinate in agreed academic and administrative matters, when required, with prospective students and students in Hyderabad. Thiagarajan, 9849022573, and Raj Tapadia, 9490233170, will function as Coordinators for Banjara Academy's online courses in Hyderabad.

Ali with some of the members of Seva Counselling Services, Hyderabad
Dr Ali Khwaja with some members of Seva Trust, Hyderabad. Left to Right: Ali, Raj Tapadia, Thiagarajan, Mala T, Havovi.

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