Let us do Something"

Author: Rajkumari

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I am a citizen of India and I am proud of it. Today we have the most powerful resources on our land. India produces brilliant doctors, engineers, philosophers, technicians, etc. Yet alas, where are we? What are we lacking in our country; there is no facility for the common person. Most of the time we are struggling for our basic needs. I think it’s the system, the management, the execution of the work which is failing us. After being self sufficient also we are buying medicines from outside which are left over and banned in foreign countries.

In our philosophy and in yoga we are on the top. Yoga is our prime culture from centuries. Our ancestors, rishis and yogis have no comparison in the globe. In our herbal medicine we are excellent. In our singing and dancing we are no less than any other country. Our family systems promote highest morals and our young children are the best, excelling in education. Our doctors are at the top. Then what are we lacking?

In spite of having rich resources we cannot get the best fruits because they are exported. Check the grains and dals. Roads are filled with dirt and broken stones are mismatched on the footpaths. Now there is shortage of water. Where are we leading? Are the commoners and the leaders realizing it or are we only busy in making money and seeing our children educated? But at what cost? If today in a family the man dies the woman is left with nothing in her life. Life is changing also but where are our children leading to, fast life -- fast food -- our transport system is bad because of our narrow roads. I think every citizen, especially the youth, should wake up and take active part – and also take objection on our governments for weak system and health hazards.

We can contact journalists, doctors, scientists and people with high profile. Through this article I want to correspond with people who can really pay attention and want to do something. Distribute the work to be done, divide and take up small projects to start with.

Jai Hind

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