What a Character!

Author: M N Vishwanath, Sports Counsellor

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The very sight of Vivian Richards walking up to bat chewing a gum and swaying his big square chest – sent a chill down the spine of bowlers all over the world. Dennis Lillee wearing a head band and sporting a drooping moustache was an intimidating sight even for batsman of the likes of Gavaskar, Richards or a Botham. The swagger of the beefy guys like Ian Botham, Mathew Hayden was a sight to behold. These days I like the swagger of Golfer, Dustin Johnson as he strides from one ball to another and one hole to the next. He has condence written all over him as he displays a strong sense of self-belief that helped him to win two majors last year. You won't be surprised if his female followers drool over him saying `what a man! The broad chested Chris Gayle falls in this company.

I would like to add to this list, the names of Andrew Flintoff, Shane Warne, Virat Kohli, Ab De Villiers, Rafa Nadal, Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer [golf] Michael Jordan & Mohamed Ali. And not to forget the queen of tennis, the Iron willed lady- Serena Williams. What is common in all these guys and why would you put them all in one big golden basket of fame? They are all strong characters and possessed some common qualities like:-

  1. They all have the condent swagger as they move in the sporting arena.
  2. They show off self-condence with lots and lots of self-belief oozing out.
  3. They look aggressive but their aggression is positive and not destructive.
  4. 4. They have the killer instinct that seems to say- `I am the best, I will nish you.'
  5. They are not overawed by their opponents instead they put their opponents under `awe.
  6. They seem to inspire millions on their own and create a huge fan following wherever they go.

Virat Kohli is the heart throb of millions in India and an Indian Idol, for sure. He symbolizes the youth force in India and is an inspiration to them. He is such a true `character that he has already led India to many victories and most of his centuries have come after he has taken over India's captaincy. He has passed the true test of character. Who wouldn't want to emulate, Viraat- the samraat.

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