Why We Should Care About Body Language!

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Dr Ali Khwaja shares with you his over 20 years experience of reaching out to people as a psychological counsellor and life skills coach

Let's Understand & Have Better BODY LANGUAGE

Eye contact, tone of voice, touch, posture, hand gestures - don't all these matter far more than words in communication? Well, research proves so, time and again.

So Dr Ali Khwaja tells us that the foundation of good relationships is the body language we express and how well we understand the body language of others.

For example, the first impression we make on somebody is determined in seconds by how we walk, our posture, how we look at the person, the tone of our voice and so on. That can even determine the way what we say is received!

Body language is not some inborn gift - we can learn to be better at it by knowing more about it and practising it.


How can I reach out?
How can I be an understanding spouse, parent, friend, relative, child, sibling?
How can I be a good counsellor?

Ali Khwaja shares his over 20 years experience as a psychological counsellor in a series of video talks

Dr Ali Khwaja shares insights into human behaviour, relationships and his over 20 years experience as a psychological counsellor in a series of video talks, delivered at the invitation of Seva, Hyderabad and at various camps/workshops of Banjara Academy, Bangalore.

Dr Ali's Video Talks

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