How Do I Boost My Self-Esteem?

I'M USELESS! I'M A GOOD-FOR-NOTHING! I can't do anything well! I'm not good at ...! Quite a few of us are often plagued by such thoughts, aren't we? Characteristic of those with low SELF-ESTEEM, such thoughts often destroy our motivation to do the very things that could make us feel we are good, we are useful, and worthy of respect not only from others but also from our very own selves for whatever we are!
In this talk on SELF-ESTEEM, Ali outlines steps you can take to redeem your self-esteem. Defining what self-esteem is and how fragile it can be, he then stresses how parents, teachers and significant elders often make or break a child's self-esteem, affecting the child's personality and leaving behind scars that mar the child's life as an adult. Quoting real-life examples, he also gives simple tips to parents on what TO NOT DO and what TO DO to build self-esteem in their children.

We thank Vasantha Sanath, an alumna of the Diploma in Counselling Skills Course (DCS), for this recording of Ali's talk.

(This is a recording of Dr Ali Khwaja's FREE Helping Hand Talk on Self-Esteem, on 21 Nov 13 at Banjara Academy, RT Nagar, Bangalore)


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