Goal Setting-When, & how to help your counsellee set her goals
Basic Psychological Counselling Skills

When should a counsellor help counsellee to set goals?

Dr Ali Khwaja shares tips on when and how a psychological counsellor should help her counsellee in setting goals for herself.


We are delighted to present a series of video talks by Dr Ali Khwaja on Basic Psychological Counselling Skills.
GOAL-SETTING IN COUNSELLING What are the two basic parts of counselling? What is goal-setting? Who needs goal-setting? When should goal-setting be considered? How to go about goal-setting and implement goals set?


How can I reach out?
How can I be an understanding spouse, parent, friend, relative, child, sibling?
How can I be a good counsellor?

Ali Khwaja shares his over 20 years experience as a psychological counsellor in a series of video talks

Dr Ali Khwaja shares insights into human behaviour, relationships and his over 20 years experience as a psychological counsellor in a series of video talks, delivered at the invitation of Seva, Hyderabad and at various camps/workshops of Banjara Academy, Bangalore.

Dr Ali's Video Talks

Banjara Academy-Seva Presentation
Banjara Academy Presentation
To increase accessibility, the video talks have been captioned in English by volunteers of Banjara Academy.

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