Why We Should Be Aware Of
The Changing Aspects of Man-Woman Relationships

Let's Understand Man-Woman Relationships Better

The relationship between a man and a woman is one that can take both to the heights of ecstasy or the depths of despair. We may smile wryly and sagely at what seems to be an ironical wisecrack: When a married couple divorce, it does not mean that they have not understood each other; it means that they have finally really understood each other and what they've understood they do not like. Sharing these and a lot more, in this talk, why does Dr Ali Khwaja focus on the changing aspects of man-woman relationships?
He stresses that by understanding and even anticipating some of these changes, each of us, man or woman, could make changes in our attitudes, our behaviour towards the opposite sex when we are in a relationship. We could take steps to reduce the chances of, arguably, our most important relationship in life going downhill. Half in jest, towards the end of his talk, Ali has a spot of advice to maintain the emotional connection with our spouses - go back and have a fight, if you must, but do not go silent on each other!

We thank Vasantha Sanath, an alumna of the Diploma in Counselling Skills Course (DCS), for this recording of Ali's talk.

(This is a video recording of Dr Ali Khwaja's FREE Helping Hand Talk 'Changing Man-Woman Relationships' on 19 Dec 13 at Banjara Academy, RT Nagar, Bangalore.)

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