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Topic Page No.
1. Introduction to third Edition 3
2. Banjara Academy 4
3. A letter from a Teenager 5
4. Parents vs. Children 7
5. Mothers 10
6. Quality Time vs. Quantity Time 11
7. The family and TV 13
8. Building Child’s Self Esteem 15
9. Communicating with your child 17
10. Handling Emotions 20
11. Emotional Development of Children 23
12. Raising Self Esteem in Children 27
13. Why Children Tell Lies 29
14. When Anger Becomes Abusive 31
15. Stress- it affects children too 33
16. Academic and Study Skills 36
17. Coping with Examination Fever 39
18. Learning Difficulties 41
19. Learning Differently 43
20. Education for the Heart 46
21. Choosing Careers 48
22. Sex Education Programme in Schools 50
23. The Beautiful Ugly Duckling 53
24. Sibling Rivalry 56
25. A quiz for Parents 59
26. What Children Say 60

Understanding Today's Child

Author : Dr. Ali Khwaja
ISBN : 81-88771-17-1
Publisher : Banjara Academy
Pages : 64
Price : 80/-

About The Book

Today's child is different. Computers, the internet, a globalized world, and a changing family structure have made today's child more aware and more ambitious. At the same time, today's child is the same as yesterday's child. She still has the innate need to be creative, the inner urge to question, learn, play, fit in, and have fun, and interact with parents and peers. The avenues for exploring the world have dramatically changed, but at the core the child remains the same. With the right upbringing, today's child, who already has the advantage of a world of boundless opportunities, can blossom into being a fulfilled, well-balanced adult.In the past few years, much research has been conducted into the techniques and modalities of bringing up children. Children's needs have been identified, their behavior has been analyzed and remedial methods have been developed. In this book, eminent professionals and practicing child consultants explain every aspect of child development. The book offers tips and methods to help make the upbringing experience a pleasurable one – both for the parent and for the child. A valuable referral source, the book has received a tremendous response.

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