Teacher's Training

Venue : St.Joseph PU College
Time : 2.15 p.m. To 4.15 p.m.
Members : 30-35 teachers of St.Joseph P.U.College

Fr. Roshan welcomed Dr. Ali and all the teachers to the teacher's training program. He also mentioned that this would be helpful to the teachers which will inturn benefit the students also.

Dr. Ali started the program with the topic of 'Longevity'. He explained that the life expectancy of the present generation is over 75 years and there will not be any ailments to get them bed ridden as every health issue has a solution now. So chances are that we will be working till the end. After saying so Dr. Ali gave the teachers a small exercise. He asked them to write down the number which comes after deducting their age old_persomfrom 75, when they did so he told them to preserve it as it will be the number of years that they will have to work. This also means that they have to plan about their work and its development. He also mention the concept of 'seniority' that has changed from the past generation to the present generation, and seniority is not pertaining anymore to the age or the experience of a person. Earlier the CEO of a company would be a man at the age of 50 or 55 seated in a cabin with loads of files, but now the CEO of a company is a young man about 30 years of age. This is the reality of life that has to be accepted. One should also know to adapt to the changes that takes place around or else he would be left behind for the others to move forward.

As an example of the changes that have taken place Dr. Ali told them about the Computer that was used at IIT Mumbai about 30 years ago, which was the only computer in the campus. It occupied a lot of space and hence was put up on top of a hill. Punch cards were used to make a program that had to be fed into the computer, and one programme comprised of about 600 punch cards. A particular time was given to each student to use the computer for which one had to climb the hill bare footed. After feeding in 600 punch cards only one card would come out with the result written on it "ERROR". Now it would not say where the error is or what the error is, one had to check the entire number of cards to find the error. Ten years passed and there was a rapid change and improvement in the computers. IIT Mumbai decided to purchase the present computer and dispose the old one. They decided that whoever pays the best price could take the old computer. No one came forward to purchase it, finally they had to pay the scarp collection person 35,000/- to dismantle the computer and take it.

If people do not keep updating themselves they will find themselves moving backwards. The role of teacher is not to give information to the students. In this era of Information Technology students can easily get information from many places. The role of a teacher has be up-graded to a facilitator of education.

Mobile PhoneDr. Ali gave another example for change. He asked the teachers "What do you think a young person after 15 years will tell you if you ask him 'How does a mobile phone look like?'" one teacher said "It would be like a chip", another said " It would be inserted into the human body" another person said "It would be attached to the spectacles" another person said " The young man would question back 'what is a mobile phone? I have never heard of it.'" Dr. Ali said that this was the answer he was waiting for, the young man would definitely ask this question because the mobile phone would be extinct in the next 15 years, the same way Pagers are extinct now. 15 years ago Pagers were a break through in technology but now they are not found. This is how fast changes are happening in the world and if one cannot adapt to it, they then he will be left behind.

A power point presentation was made about a story of the Hare and tortoise
tortoiseThe story which everyone have heard of the Hare and the tortoise: both have a race in which the hare falls asleep half way through the race and eventually the tortoise wins the race.
Moral of the story : slow and steady wins the race.
The story does not stop there. The hare makes an analysis from which he realises that he is very good, but only because of his over confidence and carelessness he lost the race. Now the hare calls the tortoise for another race in which the hare is active and wins the race.
Moral of the story :hare Fast and consistent will beat the slow and steady.
This means the employer when he has two kinds of people working in his company. One who is slow and steady and the other who is fast and consistent, the employer will choose the later employee. The employer will see the benefits of the company if he employs a person who can give him better and faster results.
The story goes on. The tortoise makes an analysis and comes to a conclusion to take a different path for the race. The race begins on a different path, the hare runs quickly and covers half the path and finds a river dividing the path of race. He stands at the river bank not knowing what to do. In the meanwhile the tortoise comes to the river bank, step into the river swims across across it and covers the remaining path and becomes the winner.
Moral of the story : race_trackFirst identify your core competitor and then change playing field to suit your core competency.
When you feel that you are failing in a particular field and you are not giving the best then change the field. For example if you are good at speaking chose a field which you can give your best, put the ability to the best of its use.
The story still continues. The hare and the tortoise become good friends and make an analysis together. They then have a race together as a team. They also choose the path that contains the river. When the race begins the hare runs with the tortoise on its back till the river, when they reach the river the hare climbs the back of the tortoise, the tortoise swims across the river, and the hare covers the remaining path carrying the tortoise on its back, to win the race.
Moral of the story : Team work is always better. One should compete with the situation and not with the rival.
One should keep in mind that team work will always have best results. The flaws and incapacities of one person can always be filled in by someone else, which would result in a stronger team.

Everyone should ask one question to themselves "Do you think you are genuine in what you are doing?" If not this would be the right time to introspect and understand themselves, and also to take the next step and move forward.

Dr. Ali also mentioned that the American dictionary had contained the word "Bangalore-d". No one had ever thought about a word like this could find its place in a dictionary. This shows the progress that India is made. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam had mentioned that "In 2020 India will be the super power". This is true, India may not be the powerful in Nuclear or money but it will become the super power in "Man-power". We should all be proud to be an Indian and in a country which is developing in such a fast pace.

The story of a Japanese man was then narrated : there was a Japanese who was up graded to become the Vice President and then the President of the construction company. As he was very rich he happened to buy a Penthouse which was very expensive. A few years later his wife passed away and his only child left him. The man retired by this time and and recession was in progress. Later the man decided to sell the penthouse and take a small apartment, but there were no buyers. The Times magazine had covered this story and the man lives in the penthouse alone. As he cannot pay the maintenance charges for the house he also works at the same hotel to earn income by cleaning the hotel.

Dr. Ali questioned the teachers if they could guess what his classmates who had done their Metallurgical Engineering were doing now. Some told that they could be in the Steel industry, or Fabricator, or the Automobile industry. But Dr. Ali said that one person was the Additional Director General of Police in Maharashtra, another person was in the Operations at Citi Bank, One was the Chief Minister of Goa – Mr. Manohar Parikath, another person Mr. Sudhindra Kulkarni was the speech writer for former Prime minister Attal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K.Advani, another classmate is the principal of an International School in Coonoor.

He mentioned one should take the right decision and do what they enjoy the most. He recalled a neighbour who worked in a Company and was not happy about the management and the work environment. But without changing the job he was only complaining about the method of work and the management issues.

Dr. Ali also recalled about his classmate from 12th grade. Her father had a petty shop and the mother was a home maker and illiterate, she also had a younger sister who was mentally retarded. When they were in class 12th her father passed away, and she was left with no income and two dependents. She joined the public sector Banking and worked up to the position of Officer. Though she was good with accounts and banking she had no interest in it, she was only in this job to look after her mother and sister. Whenever Dr. Ali visited Mumbai and met her she complained about the job. He invited her to join him during his talks when he was in Mumbai, and found that she was doing well in this and at the same time enjoyed this work. But since she required a monthly income she had to depend on the Job of a Banker. A training program was organised by the Bank which included her and about 30 other officers. It was a fifteen day program where training sessions were held by various senior people. On one particular day a trainer failed to come to the session, Dr. Ali's friend took this opportunity and asked the Head of the Training Department if she could compensate for the trainer and take that particular training session. Initially the Head of the Department did not agree but later was convinced and gave her a chance. She carried out the session remarkably. And at the end of the fifteen day training program she was graded the best by many trainees. The Head of the Training Department acknowledging this requested the Head Office for her transfer to the Training Department. She was functioning very well but had a regret that she had to restrict herself only to the topics of the Banking sector. When the VRS scheme was announced she took the Voluntary retirement and the benefits which was paid to he for taking up VRS. She utilised the amount for the well being of her mother and sister and joined Dr. Ali to present various and seminars.

tiger_lily_5Another presentation on power point was made on the topic 'Crackpot'. Dr. Ali said that he decided to take up the topic after a boy told that his teacher called him a Crackpot. This is a Chinese wisdom story. A lady carried two pots of water forange_poppies_3rom the river to her house very day and it was a long walk. One of the pots was perfect and the other had a crack and water leaked from that crack. Whenever she carried water she would take home a pot full of water and another half filled with water. The perfect pot was very happy and proud about his work, the crackpot was ashamed as he would carry only half pot of water. This went on for two year. Finally the crackpot told the lady "The perfect pot carries full of water and I reach home with only half pot of water, I feel really ashamed". Listing to this the old lady replied " Dear pot, do you see the flowers on your side of the path. Well I knew your flaw and I planted the seeds on your side, so whenever you carried the water, drops of water fell on them and now thanks to you I enjoy the flowers and they decorate my table everyday for the last two years. So you should be proud of yourself that you have help me enjoy the flowers because you are a crackpot."

Dr. Ali then asked everyone to write down the first thought that comes to their mind when the following is been asked (30 seconds of time was given)
Who are you?
If any one is not able to write anything in the given time then it is time to introspect about themselves.
If they write that they are Human beings then they are not thinking fast enough.
If they have given only their name or nationality then it is fact and they had no choice
Designation - If anyone have given only their designation then they have not realised that they are a lot more than that and their thoughts and capacity has become stagnant with the job.

One of the teachers' had written " I am a part of Paramathma, I have come from there and will go back there".

frogThe session ended with the story of the tiny frogs (Power Point presentation):
A gfrogs_2roup of tiny frogs held a race and the destination was to reach to the top of a tall tower. The race started and a huge crowd gathered to watch the tiny frogs. People started shouting "These frogs have no energy to reach to the top of the tower." As they race progressed many frogs collapsed as they had no energy. The people further said "Not a chance none of the frogs will reach to the top, they are too tiny." As the race improved more further more and more frogs collapsed. Only one frog managed to reach to the top of the tower, everyone gathered around him and asked him how he managed to reach to the top. It turned out that winner was "DEAF". The morale of the story is when people are giving you negative thoughts, turn a deaf ear towards them. Be positive in your thinking and you will achieve your goal.

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