How to be a winner ?

About 80-100 final year students of B.Com and BBM were gather at the auditorium of  Reva College. The topic was 'How to be a winner?'

WinnerTopic: How to be a winner
Place: Reva College, R.T.Nagar
Date: 9 Feb 2011
Time: 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
People gathered: 80 – 100 final year Degree students

Dr. Ali drew a dot on the board and started the talk. He mentioned that when was doing his engineering, a Professor by the name Prof. Shantharam had taught him, his classes were very interesting. One day he drew a dot on the board and asked the students a simple question “What do you see here?” He asked each student to stand up and answer the question. Few students said that they saw a dot on the board. Some said they saw a dot and also gave its measurement. Another few said that they saw a dot which was partially colored. After all the students had completed answering, Prof. Shantharam explained to them the question. He said “I did not ask you what I drew, I only asked you what you see. Why do you not see the board and only concentrate on what I just drew”

WinnerNext Dr. Ali narrated the conversation between a mother and the son. One morning the mother finds her son lazily seated on the sofa and when she asked him if he was not going to college he says “Ma, I do not want to go to college today.” The Mother is surprised and says “No, you have to go.”
The son tries to convince his mother and says “No mother, nobody likes me in college. Neither the teachers nor the students talk to me properly. I really don't want to go.” Now the mother is very annoyed and says “Don't give reasons, you have to go to college. So please go get ready”.  The son finally asks “what is the big necessity, why do you insist that I HAVE to go to the college everyday?”. So the mother patiently replied “Because son, you are 45 years old and you are the Principle of the college, and it is not nice for the Principle to bunk college.”

WinnerDr. Ali then explained that the joke was not on their principal, because their principal enjoys coming to college. But the joke will be on them, if they end up taking the wrong decision and taking up a wrong job which they are not interested to do. So do not chose a job only for money, money is important but don't chase it. If you do what you are interested in, you will excel in it, and then money will follow you.

WinnerYou should also learn to think out of the box. I wish to give you examples of common people who have grow from a small level. One of them is the office typist and another person is the data entry operator.

Dr. Ali explained about the person who had applied for a position in his office, it was for a typist cum office boy. He was looking for a person who can do all the office work. Few people had applied for this post and there was one person came to office asking Dr. Ali to consider him for this post. Dr. Ali said that he would consider all the other applications and select a suitable person, and this would take sometime. He also mentioned that he would inform this person if he is selected and asked him to leave. After sometime Dr. Ali found this person still waiting at the office entrance, when he questioned him, he replied that anyway the selection procedure would take sometime and in the meanwhile he would do the work at office. Dr. Ali thought this was fair, but told him strictly that when a person is selected he should leave immediately. That person readily agreed and began his work. Days had passed by and one day Dr. Ali realised that it was one whole month, this person had to be paid his salary. So he was paid his salary and was informed by Dr. Ali to send a message to all the applicants that the post was filled.
WinnerThe next example given was about a data entry operator at his office. When advertised for a data entry operator he had received more than 100 applications. Initially he had decided to test the applicants by asking them to work on the system for 10 minutes, but now looking at the number of applications he decided not to do that, because he realised that if he had to give every applicant that time, he would be doing only that for the next one month and his work would get delayed. Confused as to how the candidate has to be chosen, Dr. Ali started verifying every application and every detail. He came across one particular application where the candidate had mentioned that she was an 'Introvert' and also highlighted the sentence. Dr. Ali was surprised by this and decided to read that application completely. The candidate had written that since she is a Introvert she can concentrate and do the data entry and will not get disturbed. She also mentioned that concentration is very important for a data entry operator and since she was a person who dislikes to socialize, she would be the apt candidate for the post. When Dr. Ali asked this candidate to come for the interview, she was very shy and reluctant to even pronounce her name, but when given the job to enter data she did it in such a method with complete concentration. Dr. Ali decided that she is the right person for the job. Introvert is a person who is shy and does not talk to people, this can be a negative quality, this person had understood this quality in her and she used it in a positive manner.

WinnerThe herd mentality is another problem that we are facing today. As example Dr. Ali mentioned about the Infosys. The CEO of Infosys Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan has done his B.Sc in Physics, the COO of the company Mr. Shibu Lal is also not an engineer, the next possible COO of the company Mr. Mohan Das Pai has done his C.A and now the HR head of Infosys. Among the top 100 people in Infosys only 29 members are computer engineers, 40 are not engineers at all.

Since it was the final year students who were present at the talk, Dr. Ali mentioned that it would always do good for them if they had already fixed their long term goal. It could be either to take up a job after their graduation or to continue their studies, but their decision should be firm.  Their clear goal with constant hard work would bring them success.

Dr. Ali then shared a few experiences when he was in the panel of interviewers for reputed companies. He mentioned that any company or employer will look for a candidate who can fulfill the requirement of the company. A candidate should have the capacity to convince the employer that he has the potential to do the given job efficiently, and for this one should have the confidence to prove himself to the employer. He also mentioned that at many interviews, most of the interviewees just were interested to know if they would be taken into company,the package etc., and some even begged to be selected for the post.

WinnerAlways keep in mind to learn how to choose or you could miss the opportunity and once you have missed the opportunity, in this era of revolution and change, you could be in great losses. Because gone are the days where a person was valued by their experience, in the present age a 35 year old person can be seen as a CEO of a company. And also, if a young person looses his job he may find a new job in the next few days, but if a person of 45 years loses his job he would take a long time to find a new one. This is how times are changing and one may loose it if they are not able to keep with the pace of change. As another example of change Dr. Ali mentioned about mobile phones and asked them how would a mobile look like after 15 years. There was complete silence for awhile, and after sometime one student stood up and answered that the mobile phone will not be in existence after 15 years. Dr. Ali asked everyone to applaud for him, as the student had answered correctly and also explained why this was the correct answer. He mentioned that 15 years back we all had what was called the 'Pager'. It was considered as a break through in technology and everyone were astonished by its connectivity and usage. But now we do not find them, they have become extinct. This is how fast the world is changing.

Longevity is also increasing in the present generation. Dr. Ali mentioned that the life expectancy of the people is steadily increasing and the average life span of an individual will go upto 80-85 years which means that on an average a person can have an active life till the age of 80 years. He also mentioned that a few years ago people were left bed-ridden due to various ailments, but now the medical science has improved to such an advanced level that there is a cure for all the diseases. He gave the examples of Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Dr. Manmohan Singh. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee had his knees replaced and was back to a normal and active life within two weeks and Dr. Manmohan Singh who had undergone a heart surgery and was back to the daily routine work within 10 days time. Even a cataract surgery which was once considered a major surgery and would leave a person disabled to perform his day to day activities for months is now considered a very normal surgery and the patient need not even be admitted to the hospital for the surgery. The medical field has given human a much longer life. Hence one should always be very careful in choosing the right field of work as they would be working for a very long time.

WinnerDr. Ali also explained how India was a land of opportunities and one should learn to choose the right path. He gave an example of a company where he was present for a talk on 'Stress Management'. On inquiring about the nature of the company, Dr. Ali was surprised to know that it was a company which did automobile designing for an MNC.

People need not have high IQ to reach to the top. It is only their willingness to gain knowledge. One should also know how to think out of the box. As an example Dr. Ali told them a story and as asked them to answer a question asked at the end of the story. He said “You drive a bus from Bangalore to Mysore. It starts from Kempe Gowda Bus Station and there are 3 passengers, when it has come to Mandya 2 more passengers get into the bus, when it reaches Srirangapatna 5 passengers get in and 8 passengers get out of the bus, finally the bus reaches  Mysore with 3 passengers. Now what is the name of the Driver?”  only a few students were able to answer this question. The answer was 'The name of the driver is our own name, as the story started with “You drive a bus …....”, so you are the driver.

A hand out was distributed to the students which had mentioned “10 tips for a beautiful life”. Dr. Ali mentioned that the points were self explanatory and the actual point is whether they will just read the tips and throw the paper away or try and practice them.         

Dr. Ali concluded the talk by wishing the students good luck for their forth coming exams and also hoped that they would grow to become the superpower of our nation, as Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam had once said.

-Report by Jyothi Chandran

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