Training program for
Play-school teachers of Air Force Schools
by Banjara Academy in Bengaluru, 5 July 2017

Program held on 5 July 2017, at Bengaluru.

Dr. Ali Khwaja of Banjara Academy conducting a Training program for Play-school teachers of Air Force Schools in Bengaluru 5 July 2017-3

Banjara Academy was invited by Air Force Wives Welfare Association AFWWA (R) to conduct a teacher training program for play-school teachers from Blooming Buds school. The participants were from Bengaluru, Chennai, Belgavi and Coimbatore training command. This program was conducted on 5 July 2017. The program started with a brief introduction, followed by Dr. Ali Khwaja’s first session on understanding behaviour of children and how they easily get distracted. Dr. Ali Khwaja threw light on how today’s child is different from the previous generation's children. He talked about technology and other major developments that have changed the way this generation looks at the world. He spoke about multiple intelligences and he explained to the teachers the essential need to nurture other aspects in a child rather than concentrating only on academics. The practicality of the child’s needs were depicted in the form of a role-play for better understanding of the teachers. Second session was also conducted by Dr Ali Khwaja on building Emotional Quotient (EQ). Here he explained to the teachers about the five main pillars of emotional intelligence. This was followed by another role play to explain how to build emotional awareness in a child. The session was concluded with a question answer round where the teachers asked about how to handle sexual abuse, sibling rivalry and jealousy in kids etc. Third session was on learning disabilities and slow learners conducted by Ms. Sonal Patel and Ms. Jayathi S. of Gurukul, the Special School of Banjara Academy. In this session the team threw light on behaviour patterns of a child and what all can be marked as red flags by the teacher. Emphasis was that each child has a different learning style and what the teacher should do if in case none of the techniques work. The last session was conducted by Ms. Veena Jain and Ms. Priyaa Arya on punishment vs rewards involving children. The session saw some activities followed by talks and question answers The program concluded with AFWWA honouring the speakers and certificates being awarded to the participants.

Thanks to Priyaa Arya for the write up and the photos.

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