Daily Routine

Daily Routine
  1. Have a fixed time for getting up, even on holidays.
  2. Do deep breathing lying down in shavasan position.
  3. Get up slowly from bed.
  4. Do slow exercise of lifting both hands to horizontal and then vertical position. Take 4 deep breaths with your hands straight up, and then slowly bring them down.
  5. Go outdoors and look towards the sky in a slow sweeping glance, preferably while chanting a mantra like “Aaa-uummmmmmm” that resounds in your head.
  6. Drink two or three glasses of water, sipping and not gulping.
  7. Eat something nutritious (e.g. Threptin biscuits) while you have the first cup of tea.
  8. Change into day clothes and go out for a walk. Start with leisurely short walks, and build up to brisk walk of at least 20 to 25 minutes.
  9. Come back and have an early and filling breakfast with fruits or juice, corn flakes, etc.
  10. Drink around 3 litres of water every day in summer and at least 2 litres in winter. Measure your water intake.
  11. Have a fixed time for lunch and dinner.
  12. Ensure that you get some fresh air in the evening before it gets dark. If possible, go out and let your eyes roam free over the expanse of the sky, watching the clouds and other very distant objects in a slow and relaxed sweep of the eyes. Breathe in and out slowly as you do this.
  13. Finish dinner at least two hours before you lie down on bed. Go for a leisurely stroll after dinner, and have some nutritious liquid (milk, juice, etc.) before sleeping.
  14. Have a fixed time for sleep. Start a process of unwinding at least 15 minutes before you lie down, and when you lie down go through deep breathing in Shavasan position again as you did in the morning.

Give yourself at least one personal gift or present every day. It can be in the form of a personal item, a treat, a leisurely cup of tea or hot bath taking much more time than necessary, or an activity solely for your own benefit.

Dr. Ali Khwaja

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