The Charm of Personal Story Telling

Author: Raja Sekhar Mamidanna

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I guess our generation was the last one to experience the charm of personal story telling.

Grand parents and their art of story telling is almost lost. The excitement of listening to 'long long ago' and once upon a time' is now long long ago and once upon a time.

We don't listen to stories now. We read them. We watch them.

Our generation can't tell stories. How can we ? Mobiles, TVs, laptops and Internet is always seeking our attention. To tell a story we have to hold the attention of the listener just like our grand parents did. They were not perfect story tellers. They were just perfect people.

All is not lost. I still have hope. Someday I will address the next generation, 'long long ago'. I will install in their heads an app called, 'Nostalgia'.

You see Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It's the bridge which never falls. Never fails. It will connect us to the lost art of storytelling!

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