At Banjara we are all about People. Here is an intro to the team who lead us and support us everyday!

Purnima Ganesh

Coordinator and Director

A graduate in law with a Masters in Management, she started her career with a reputed business house of Mumbai known for its integrity and ethics. Working closely with the top management, she acquired the skills of handling different types of people and maintaining a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere wherever she was given responsibility. Moving to Bangalore she took a major decision to keep away from the corporate rat race and armed herself with a Diploma in Counselling Skills while pursuing her Masters in Psycho-therapy. Subsequently she took the plunge to become a full time counselor, trainer, coordinator and mentor to those who either seek emotional support or wish to become part of the counseling and life skills world..

Indu Kamal

Director Administration

Having had a varied successful stint as an entrepreneur Indu decided to commit herself to meaningful work and was one of the founders of Banjara Academy when it was in its infancy a quarter century ago, and she also armed herself with a Diploma in Counselling Skills. She has smoothly taken over the functions of administration, personnel, finance, and ensures that the institution runs efficiently despite the financial constraints of not having business income. She ensures that there is a right balance of work, philanthropy and services to the needy by keeping a check on the overall functioning.


Coordinator and Director

Nalini Reddy, a science graduate with three decades of experience of managing a home, plunged into counselling when her children grew up and flew the nest. Subsequently she acquired a Masters in Counselling Psychology. Having trained herself with a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Counselling, she has the uncanny knack of being able to touch hearts, from small children to senior citizens. She also takes meaningful sessions for school children, adolescents and young adults in lifeskills and interpersonal relations. She runs the free
  • Post graduate in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • DCS 2000 (founder batch)
  • DLS 2006
  • Coordinator and Director for DPCS at RV Road
  • Faculty, trainer and counselor

Sonal Patel

Director and Chief Counsellor of Gurukul

A qualified Advocate, she realized early in life that her calling lies in helping children improve their quality of life and their future. She underwent extensive training not only in counseling but also in child development, assessments and special education. Her passion made her commit full-time to Banjara’s Gurukul, of which she is the founder and driving force. She oversees a wonderful team of highly committed, compassionate and humane teachers, therapists and counselors who are willing to take up the cause of any child with any types of special needs or emotional support.

Ramaswamy Natampally

Crisis Manager

Mr.Ramaswamy is always available to anyone who is undergoing trauma.He is a living legend among highly specialized doctors as he looks after each individual patient, guides and leads him or her to the best possible treatment.Without any formal qualification in medicine or psychiatry, he armed himself with qualifications in counseling, was trained in NIMHANS and other prestigious institutions, and since the past twenty odd years he has been giving his free services for people in emotional, medical or mental distress.Retiring from a very senior position in a Aviation public sector unit, Mr. Ramaswamy was offered very lucrative positions due to his expertise as a design engineer. But he chose to move on to a path less travelled and has created a path where none existed.

Reema Hanamshet

Career Counselling

You would have seen Reema Hanamshet on TV interviews. She makes herself available to persons from all background and ages whenever emotional support is required.Since the past 14 years she is an active counsellor on all emotional, developmental and career issues, guides students, and has the sensitivity to handle problems of intense mental trauma. She has wide experience through Newspaper in Education, Banjara Academy’s DCS course, Supervised Practical Programs, Defence Institute of Quality Assurance, Infosys, IBM and various schools and colleges. A graduate in psychology and English, she developed a passion for behavioural sciences at an early age, completing a Diploma in Counselling Skills and a Diploma in Life Skills.She is our coordinator of Career Guidance Training program, does online counselling, assessment of counselling students.

Sridhar Srinivasan, a.k.a Srinivas

(Counsellor & Coordinator)

Transitioned from an IT Technology-Industry job to Counselling few years ago as he was interested in understanding human behavior beyond the professional aspects of the interactions as part of his job. Srinivas also identified the need for raising awareness of EQ, especially among the youngsters who were joining the corporate mainstream right after college. A student of Banjara Academy with a Certification in Life Skills and a Diploma in Counselling Skills, after nearly 3 decades in the corporate world, he decided to follow his passion for social work and chose psychological counselling as the vehicle. He provides counselling in-person at Banjara, is a trainer in Life Skills and Counselling, does email-counselling, mentoring and is part of the backend team for other support activities at Banjara Academy. Srinivas has a B.A in Psychology and is pursuing M.Sc. in Counselling and Family Therapy.

Dr. Ali Khwaja

The Banjara

A graduate of IIT Bombay, holder of a Doctorate in Behavioral Sciences, a multi-faceted personality who has innumerable successes and achievements to his credit, he hates to either blow his own trumpet, or allow others to blow for him. Hence we just mention that he is a Mentor, moral and emotional support, and a role model to innumerable people within and outside Banjara, and if you are interested in knowing more about him, you will have to click here