Talk on 'Secrets of Truly Fulfilling Life" and Workshop on "Life Skills"
- at Indian Air Force 12AFH in Central Air Command, Gorakhpur.

Program held on Sunday, 4 April 2017,
at Indian Air Force 12AFH in Central Air Command, Gorakhpur.

Dr Ali Khwaja of Banjara Academy conducting a Workshop on Mental Health at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, 26 March 2017.

Gorakhpur in UP has recently gained fame because the Chief Minister of the state is from that town. During the Second World War the British government had made an airstrip there since it is close to the Nepal border, but subsequently it became disused. Decades later the Indian Air Force revived it and made it a base for fighter pilots and helicopters. Lately even civilian flights are allowed there by the IAF on selective basis. On 4th April 2017 the Indian Air Force 12AFH in Central Air Command, Gorakhpur was celebrating their 50th (Golden) Jubilee, and they invited Ali Khwaja to give a talk on “Secrets of Truly Fulfilling Life” and then conduct a day-long workshop on Life Skills. It was attended by over 500 officers, including the Air Officer Commanding in Chief, the Director General of Medical Services and many others. There was rapt attention as Ali took them through a series of introspection exercises starting with self-awareness, moving on to relationships, stress and work-life balance. He gave them many practical tips to take home and put into use to develop a system of constant improvement of life. The last half hour was spent answering innumerable questions, which in fact had to be curtailed as the time was over, and the audience dispersed for a social evening.

The Commandant of the Gurkha Recruitment Centre, Brigader B. C. Roy also attended the sessions with interest, and Ali was presented with a ceremonial khukhri which is the pride of Gurkhas. Later Group Captain Dr. Pauline Babu, Commanding Officer, 12AFH Gorakhpur, Indian Air Force sent a message:

“Sir, your mere presence made the occasion a very special and memorable one for all of us. The sessions were highly educative and informative to all those who attended. We didn’t realize how the day passed. On behalf of Air Force Station Gorakhpur I thank you for being with us and enriching us. We look forward to meeting you again. God bless you abundantly. Warm regards.”

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