Suicide Prevention Front CoverSuicide Prevention Back Cover
Topic Page No.
1. Acknowledgements 3
2. Helping Hand 4
3. A Cry for Help 6
4. Why people commit suicide 8
5. Completed Suicide vs. Attempts 14
6. High Risk Persons 17
7. Determining Suicide Risk 20
8. Prevention of Youth Suicide 27
9. The role of Parents elders, Teachers, Friends 35
10. Helping Yourself 41
11. Spreading the message of Hope 42
12. First Person Accounts 44
13. Directory of Helplines 56

Suicide Prevention (A Handbook)

Author : Dr. Ali Khwaja
ISBN : 81-88771-13-9
Publisher : Banjara Academy
Pages : 58
Price : 60/-

About The Book

Childhood and youth is a time to enjoy, to celebrate life, and to look forward to a bright future. Most young people are able to have fun – hanging out with friends, going to movies, studying, enjoying sports. But some stumble and fall by the wayside, unable to face setbacks and stresses. They may fall prey to feelings of utter hopelessness and helplessness that can kill even the otherwise bright and resilient young spirit.When that happens, and one finds oneself enveloped by deafening loneliness, one needs a listening ear, a helping hand, and someone who says, “I care.” This book, in simple and easy language, describes the feelings of despair and the conditions that lead to a young person wanting to end his/ her own life. It explains how to identify and assess a suicide risk, hot to reach out, and how to save a precious life before it is snuffed out. It is a book for everyone – parents, teachers, youth – anyone who values life. It offers practical tips on how to interact and not only help the suicidal but also prevent others from becoming suicidal.

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