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Topic Page No.
1. The First note to Parents and Teachers 6
2. Why study? 8
3. How each subject helps me in life and in my career 11
4. Importance of Goal setting 15
5. Barriers that may hamper studies 18
6. Techniques for improving studies
  • Relaxation
  • Survey of requirements and time schedules
  • Place of study
  • Methodology
  • Mind Mapping
7. Improving your Memory and concentration
  • Getting the best out of lectures
  • Making notes
8. Importance of left and right brain development - Sharpening your left and right brain 41
9. Role of private tuition 45
10. Facing Exams without tension 48
11. Facing failure or disappointment 53
12. Action Plan 57

Study Skills
How to learn better....And enjoy the learning process

Author : Dr. Ali Khwaja
ISBN : 978-81-88771-27-1
Publisher : Banjara Academy
Pages : 60
Price : 80/-

About The Book

Studies need not be boring. Many intelligent students do not enjoy studies because it does not capture their interest. However, the learning process can be enhanced to make it exciting and rewarding for the student. Fueling an interest and inner motivation in the student to learn is half the job done.The teacher's duty cannot stop with imparting knowledge and the parent's duty cannot be limited to ensuring that the homework is done on time. Instead, parents and teachers can enjoy the journey with the student and nurture a fulfilled child in the process. There is a thin dividing line between motivating a student and pressurizing him/ her. This book will help you keep to the right side of that line.

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