Banjara Teen Club Inaugural Function

It was on the 3rd of December at 3pm when we had the Inauguration of the Teen club at Banjara Academy. Teen Club program not only aims in improving relationships, it also helps in getting control and direction in life. There is a lot of learning, unlearning and relearning of many aspects of life.

The Inauguration started off with a Welcome Speech. A Welcome to all the parents, participants, faculty and other guests. Fifteen children came along with their anxious parents.

Inaugural function entire album can be viewed in www.facebook/BanjaraAcademy

A 15 minutes talk was given by Dr Ali Khwaja. He gave us an insight on every person being UNIQUE and SPECIAL in their own way. This was very enlightening and enriching. It was followed by a small round of introduction by the parents and the participants.

A 10 minutes activity was done on the “Favorites of my mom and dad” which was filled by the students and the parents had to fill the “Favorites of their children” which brought about a lot of curiosity among them and which generated discussion among them.

Then the parents got a feel of the 10 basic Life Skills listed by the WHO and how it is important and necessary for the budding teens.

Inaugural function entire album can be viewed in www.facebook/BanjaraAcademy

An activity was conducted where a slip was given to everyone and they had to write a sentence to the Dearest parent to express something that they have hesitated to express or couldn’t express in any way to their loved ones.

Saying “I LOVE YOU” in your own mother tongue was the next activity which followed, which was a lot of fun, giggle and hesitation but at the end everyone could break open from their shell and say it openly.

Inaugural function entire album can be viewed in www.facebook/BanjaraAcademy

It was important to know each other better. Two circles were formed and everyone had to get to know each other based on the questions asked to them. The enthusiastic and active Banjara family and Teen Club members were introduced who welcomed the children with warmth and their positive word. Finally a small brief about Helping Hands was given to the audience and the forum was open for doubts and questions. Few questions asked by the parents were What will you cover in the coming weeks?

Can my child get personal attention as my child’s confidence needs to boost up? The Inauguration and Introduction ended with some snacks and hot tea served lovingly by Arun.

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