“Some Vital Factors For 21st Century Housewifery”

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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Some Vital Factors For 21st Century Housewifery
1. Understand your own importance.
As I explained above, until you take care of yourself you cannot possibly take care of anyone else. Making yourself a martyr is not good for you or your family.
2. A tidy house is not as important as a happy family or a happy you.
Do your best, and then just enjoy yourself. Your children really will not remember whether the house looked perfect, they will remember if you had time for them.
3. If you need help, get it – and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty.
Hiring domestic help is not a sin, nor does it mean you are lazy. Do not let anyone tell you that it is wrong to do this! Not only are you helping yourself, you are stimulating the economy by employing someone. It is not necessary for you to do everything all by yourself.
4. Be flexible.
You do not have to follow anyone’s rules about how a house should be run. It isn’t necessary to do things like anyone else does – or did – nor is it necessary to do things a certain way. Twenty-first century life is new and different. We all have different schedules, we all have different needs. There are so many new and different sorts of families and lifestyles. Twenty-first century living is full of challenges our parents and grandparents could not even imagine.
5. There are a lot of things a facial can fix.
It is important to take time out for yourself – whatever form that might take. One therapy is having a facial. It relaxes and is great for skin. You might enjoy running, going to the cinema or a gallery, or even reading the latest bestseller.
6. Coveting is frustrating and makes you unhappy.
What you have, where you live or what you drive does not change a thing about you, nor do things make you happy. Aspiring after greater things is empowering, coveting is devastating.
7. If you are feeling really low, go do something nice for someone else.
If you are having a truly awful day one sure way to turn it around is to do something nice for someone else. It can be as easy as smiling and talking to a homeless person or perhaps sorting out a few things to give to charity.
8. Have fun!
Life is much shorter than most of us would have it be. Stop putting off enjoying your life. Spend time with the people you love while you can, share joy and do the stuff that makes you really happy. Stop putting off smelling the roses or skipping through the daisies. It is hard to skip when you are ninety-seven and have a dodgy hip. Do it now!

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