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Single Child

Author : Dr. Ali Khwaja
ISBN : 81-88771-20-1
Publisher : Banjara Academy
Pages : 36
Price : 60/-
Topic Page No.
1. Smaller and Smaller Families

  • One Child or More?
  • Tips to parents
  • If a Single Child Asks for a Sibling
  • Adoption
  • Tips to teachers
  • Single Parenting
  • Tips to the single child


2. Advantages of being an only child
  • Being an only child
  • From a child's world
  • Parenting an only child
  • Pressures from the parents on themselves
  • Pressures from the parents on the child
  • Pressures from the child on himself or herself
  • Is my single child lonely?



3. Survey Findings
4. Questionnaire Answered by Adults (18+) who were single children
6. Some wonderful Comments from Single Children and their Parents 33

One Child or More? 5

Tips to parents 7

If a Single Child Asks for a Sibling 9

Adoption 10

Tips to teachers 11

Tips to the single child 12

Single Parenting

All About The Book

With more couples around the world opting to limit the size of their family and have only one child, we need to explore whether this 'solitary' status affects the child as he/ she grows up. While many couple have had only one child in the past (not out of choice in most situations), the presence of a large, extended family more than made up for the lack of siblings. However, a single child has no such support system in the nuclear family of today.While social scientists have debated the pros and cons of having a single child, no satisfactory conclusion has been arrived at. While single children do benefit from the undiluted affection of parents and learn to become independent, they may face problems such as loneliness and inability to communicate.However, parents who take the right precautions and give the right inputs to their single child have been able to offer them a wonderful upbringing. This book takes you through practical do's and don'ts and the areas of concern to help you – as a parent, teacher, counsellor, or concerned adult – nurture a single child into becoming a fully adjusted adult.

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