Simplicity at its best

Author: Priyanka Wagle

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As we walked past the busy streets of Mumbai, the shops, the gadgets, the colourful intermingling of people from all cross sections, I heard my ten year old's amused tone, “Mom, look! I want that toy, my toy rack looks so empty”. And those streets, that must have witnessed all such pleas and replies a zillion times before, heard my orchestrated reply, "yes, yes, why not, let's see a little ahead, may be there's something better”. With his excitement soaring and his face becoming smaller with my every noncommittal reply we moved around, absorbing the beautiful hues the city streets were offering.

And then, suddenly we were accosted by "Dhoom, dhoom, dhoom, tin tin tin tin". Our attention turned towards the three children on our left who were beating a used tin box and a wooden table with a stick, merrily singing “Ganpati Bappa morya, pudchya varshi lauker ya!” (Salutations to Lord Ganesha, come early next year!)

“Mom, isn't it December, why are these kids singing it now? We hear this only during Ganesha festival around August-September", questioned my little fellow. My mind said “Ditto”, and directed him to ask the three children, as they were his age. A closer look at their Ganesha pandal revealed a chair on which some sacks were placed, and below that was a cute stage setting - the screen made from a blue saree and the base from a plastic sheet, on which seated the orange coloured Lord Ganesha grandly! The children were playing their heavenly drums right next to the pandal. As we conversed we realized that the three children had their December break, and in a lets-play-character, decided to turn the chair into a pandal, something they never got to do during the actual festival. Since they had very limited resources (owing to their parents economic status), they picked up whatever they could get their hands on to do up their Ganesha pandal.

My son instantly took a liking to his newly made friends. He spotted a toy shop in the vicinity and Simplicity at its best asked me to buy a small toy drum for his new friends. With great enthusiasm he picked up the drum, saying that it's Santa's gift for them. My heart warmed up to this gesture, and as we bid goodbye taking a photo of the threesome with their pandal, I wondered if we are becoming too dependent on the 'to-do videos' for every little project?

Does creativity best spring up from limited resources?

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