Survival Of The Fittest

It is a jungle. One wrong move, and death (or a worse fate) could leap out of the shadows. Predators of all hues lurk in camouflage and it is difficult to say when and from where they will strike. Some of the slippery characters are poisonous and some are not-but one cannot risk exposing oneself. It is a survival of the fittest. One can easily be struck a crippling blow without warning. Cunning creatures are waiting to grab one another's hard earned food. There are parasites sucking the blood of innocent and ignorant beings.

And yet one has to live here, because this is where there is food, variety, sex and entertainment. The thicker the jungle, the greater the opportunities for finding wide varieties of delicacies. In many case, the survival instinct turns into the predator's prowl. Learning the art of competing, clawing, trampling over the weak, every living being is trying one-upmanship.

The interesting aspect of this jungle is that creatures who are safely away from this dangerous zone keep getting attracted here by the hundreds, like moths to the flame. They migrate from their safe hideouts and natural pastures, and enter into the rat race. And once they are ensnared in the complex jungle, there is no escape. Some enjoy the thrill of the dangerous life, some just survive, some succumb and get trampled in the periodic stampedes. But the population keeps, growing, and the density of living beings gets denser and denser. Welcome to the mother of all jungles- the concrete jungle of the modern metropolitan city!

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