Why does my sister dislike me?

We are four sisters. The eldest has lost her husband and I have very high regard and love for her. I got out of the way to be nice to her, and help her in whatever way I can. Despite not being very well off myself, I have given her support and assistance. Neither of the other two sisters have done so. Yet I find that my eldest sister talks badly about me, ridicules me, and neglects me whenever I need her, and she is nice to the other two. I have just not been able to understand why.

It is sad but true that very often we feel jealous of the very same people who help us. It creates a feeling of inferiority or inadequacy or inferiority in the receiver of help, particularly if she happens to be elder or otherwise better placed. Possibly she does not know how or face you, neglects you, and that in turn leads to guilt. Caught in this vicious mental trap, she perhaps hits out at you in a form of self defence so that her vulnerability does not come out in the open. If you can understand the agony she is going through, perhaps you will be able to forgive her.

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