Why Children tell Lies

Many parents get exasperated when they find their children telling lies. Sometimes the child is caught right away, sometimes the truth comes to light much later. Either way it is a source of dismay to parents who wonder where they have gone wrong, and how they can set right this shameful and disgusting habit.

Often it is found that children who are otherwise upholding the highest of values and following principles, suddenly seem to resort to telling lies without any ostensible reason.

Firstly let us understand that elders should not take children are still being moulded and they are not very clear about their rights and wrongs. Only those children who tell lies persistently, and that too causing damage to others, should cases it just requires a little in-depth understanding and the solutions will surface by themselves.

Children may tell lies because of any of the following reasons:

  1. Covering up guilt or deficiencies: Children with a low self esteem or those who feel inadequate, develop a tremendous sense of guilt, and wan t to cover up what they consider are their faults. They resort to telling lies as a means of saving their dignity.
  2. Wanting to avoid punishment: When faced with very strict or rigid adults who scare him, the child looks for any conceivable way to avoid the punishment.
  3. Imitating adults: Many children learn bad habits from their parents or other significant adults. Adults behave irresponsibly without realizing that they are being a bad role model that the children may copy them blindly.
  4. Hoping for praise and affection: There are children who receive love but not a sense of security. Such lonely/insecure children may like to exaggerate and bend the truth with the hope that it will get them some recognition and appreciation.
  5. Not sure between fact and fiction: Some children cannot differentiate between the truth and their own fantasy. They tend to live in a make believe world and they tell lies without realizing that they are doing so.
  6. To boost to others: Every child has a sense of pride that makes him want to be one above the others. Sometimes when the adults project the wrong picture and install false values in a child, he may tend to exaggerate or speak about non-existent achievements or assets.
  7. Believing it is true: When a child feels a sense of injustice, he psyche himself into believing that he is right and the other person is wrong. A typical example would be: "He started the fight"

It is important that a parent should find out the cause of why the child is telling lies, and not punish blindly. If the cause is tackled, the lying will subside by itself. Please remember that children can be moulded with the right handling. Punishment is not the solution to various problems, tackling the cause is.

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