When You feel Burnt out

When You feel Burnt out

When the fire burns itself out, when the fuel has turned into ashes, when even the warmth has gone from the scorching heat- there is nothing left.

The ashes are there, no doubt, but they do not give light or heat. Most people consider it an effort even to get rid of them. Only the lowliest person knows the value of ashes- to sparkle and cleanse utensils.

Never underestimate yourself. Even if you feel burnt out, you could be useful to someone, somewhere, sometime. And perhaps when you make others sparkle, the brightness will reflect back on you.

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  • The European eel can smell alcohol in concentrations as low as one part in one billion billion.
  • Sharks can follow the exact route of an injured prey long after it has passed by
  • Identical twins have the same body odour. This is not-true for fraternal twins.
  • Bloodhounds can pick up a24 hour trial and succeed in identifying the person.
  • In the Andamans the Ongee people consider smell a sense of personal identity. They believe that the spirit resides i the nose.
  • Smokers generally demonstrate a lower ability to detect odour quality.
  • Our two nostrils smell the world from two different angles, like 'stereo' smell.

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