Thrills with frills - a personal experience

Thrills with frills - a personal experience

Hi people,

I have the most amazing experience to share with you all. Last night, I bungee jumped... from 120 feet, that is 10 storeys high. IT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! Here is my story.

Two years ago when Bungee jumping came to Bangalore, I was so, so tempted but could not muster the courage. This time again I was in the same position. But when I read in the papers that they are allowing tandem jumping (two at a time) this time around, I knew this was my answer. I asked my Pathi Parameshwar. He looked at me like I've gone insane. I will never forget that look in his eyes. When I assured it was safe, he shrugged, begged he didn't want to do it." so then I tried pulling at his heart strings..."please, for my sake come naa... I got that "are you mad?" look again. Then I tried my 16-year-old niece. She freaked out at the very idea and said all she could give me was moral support from down below. Finally, I thought of asking my counsellor colleague, Tasneem. She said she'd been waiting to do this a long time.

The day of the jump I was a bag of nerves. I was scared, nervous and could not even bring myself to make breakfast. Then I started to psyche myself. I badly wanted to do this, as this is the most adventurous thing I have ever done in my life. I told myself I just have to overcome that one moment of fear at the edge and after that I will cherish the experience for the rest of my life. And now my health permits me to do it. I may not get a chance again I told myself this and I felt unbelievably better.

I woke up all excited. Two hours before leaving home I was having an uneasy feeling and begged the kids to leave me alone. Left home with Tasneem and reached the venue, signed up, finished medical check. Seeing people jumping made me feel even more excited with fear.

Climbed up the tower. Pulling myself up 10 flights of vertical 90 degrees steps was quite tiring. My ankles were aching by the 3rs storey. Started to rest every flight of steps. Finally huffed and puffed my way up ever so slightly when someone jumped off. Reached up and discovered there were still 5 people waiting ahead of us. We have quite a party there, cheering the others, sharing our experience, feeling. I'll never meet those people again but those were indeed magical moments. We even sang happy birthday for one of the jumpers. I remember looking down from the platform AND NOT FEELING ANY FEAR. I just wanted somebody to hold on to while jumping.

Finally it was our turn. Those guys were great. The jump-master was a Frenchman called Jean Pascal. As soon as the bands were wrapped around our legs, we were asked to let out a scream, to release fear. The two harnesses coming from our bands were then tied to a common bungee chord. One more scream, yelp, laugh, whatever made you feel better. They insisted on it. They showed us how to fall, and made us practice on the railing. The instructions were simple and effective. Yes. it is scary, but it is also safe and thrilling. A ll they asked of us was commitment. Do not look down, on the count of 3,2,1 go. just fall forward face down, arms outstretched. Do not bend knees. Just do not hesitate.

AND WE DID IT! It was beautiful. We wrapped one arm around each other's waist, the other arm outward. We were perched 10 floors high. Standing at the edge of the platform and he says, "put your toes out of the platform". Tasneem and I had promised we would not hesitate when it was time. We asked him to say, "3,2,1, scream" and on the cue we both leaned forward screaming out guts out. It was hell. The fear rose from the pit of the stomach. Head down. Blood rushing. Eyes blood shot. It lasted for no more than 2 secs. We saw the landing pad come rushing towards us. We came down to about 15 feet above the landing pad, before the cord began retracting and we were flying up again to 8th floor height. Second time it was less scary and more enjoyable. Since we go head down, we come up head up and therefore go head down a second time. Like all the rest of the people we'd seen, we too swung wildly bit it was absolutely thrilling. We were screaming, hooting... I can't describe it.

I am just so immensely proud of myself for having overcome my fear completely. My heart did not even beat fast when I was standing at the edge with my toes out. 10 storeys high!! If Tassy and I were carrying more money we would have paid another 500 and gone right back.

I am proud of myself. And I think my kids were too, watching their mama jump.

My suggestion to you all... try it once.

Thanks for reading.
- Mamtha Rajesh

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