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Dreams of the man I love

I have a dream
That one day
I see only smiles
In eyes of my loved one

One day all my worries
And tensions will be eased
In his very presence
One day I will share all my dreams with him
And one day he will walk with me
In all the ups and downs of life
One day he will lend his shoulder
To cry my heart out

I have a dream -
One day he will make my
Life worth living.

Journey of Life

I traveled a long way
In this journey of life.
I always met strange people,
And strange events happened.

When I walked with confidence
Holding my head high
I always tumbled and fell on my face
Whenever I was unsure of my steps
I always reached my destination without any hassle.

People I loved and cared for-
Always did hurt me
And brought tears to my eyes
And those whom I hardly met
Always helped me come up.

Strange are the ways of life.
Where things most unexpected
Happen as expected.

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