Seeking Justice

The people in this building office can be roughly divided into two categories- those with the lost, bewildered or scared look on their faces; and those going around purposefully, nonchalantly. The former are the victims of the system. It does not matter if they are the complainants or the accused. The system ensures that they both suffer. The only winners in this game are the latter category of people- those who extract from the accuser and the accused alike. They are the cogs in the wheels of the machinery, but the wheels can be made to spin faster or slower, forward or backward. The wheels can be derailed from time to time, and can even be made to stop. There are wheels within wheels.

One has to understand the intricacies of these wheels, and their movement. Once the skill of manipulating them has been mastered, there is a great deal to be gained. It is no matter that the gain is at the cost of many innocent. When they have been foolish enough to get caught in the web, they have to pay the price.

The labels of the winners differ. They are called advocates, clerks, constables, touts and peons. They may have different rankings in the hierarchy but the common aims bind them together. Justice is blind. Hence it turns a blind eye to what is going on under its nose. This issue often being debated is not who is right or wrong, but who can get the best of expertise to fill in the loopholes, to interpret the intricate play of words, and push a few files- up, down, left or right.

Entire mankind is surviving on the faith that there is a supreme justice awaiting each one of us, overruling the action and inaction of mere mortals. But if man is the vice-regent of God i this earth, does he really reflect His glory?

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