Pain-Some Responses To The Previous Article

Pain : Some responses to the article with the same title, published in the last issue:

The article on pain, pained me a lot. Pain is not a friend, it is a shadow. It remains a shadow as long as one has to work to do- wok seeming to be the only light that hides the shadow of pain- and when there is no light, the pain merges with the person. It is ironical that when one falls down, one merges so well and disappears in the shadow of others who are standing up that they can hardly see the fallen person.

Perhaps pain at times becomes an intoxication to the mind, ad very much like other intoxicants like alcohol or drugs,, abuses the body and mind very slowly but surely- creating a situation where one does not have the motivation to try to come out of it and heal oneself. Perhaps the mind says, " any way I have suffered this much, why protest, let me take more."

At times it may become more painful to heal one's pain and one may think it is easier to take the pain when it is piled up- thus attracting more pain, numbing the mind. Cementing itself deep inside the person, the pain may create a depression that no medication can perhaps help to pull out of, for there is no motivation left.

- V.C.

The person who has written sounds more like a male so, I shall use the pronoun, 'he' in this response to the article.

He speaks at first of physical pain and says his threshold for bearing it has increased, as happens to all people, as they grow older. Later, he speaks of emotional pain, and it appears to me that he dwells on this more till the end of the article.

Physical pain is something we cannot treat expect with pain killers, placebos etc., and after a certain limit, even the doctor puts his hands up and leaves the victim and his family to their own devices to fight the terrible pain. In fact, the family can suffer more seeing the suffering of the person from physical pain. In the case of emotional pain, of course, no one else can feel the depth of the pain and suffering and feel the level of empathy as in the case of physical pain.

The wonderful thing about your writer is that he HAS found a solution to the problem, in that he has seen that "always doing something" keeps the pain away from him. But, the Ultimate Solution that Dr.Ali Khwaja has been practising and teaching us: that always doing something for OTHERS, FOR OTHERS WHO ARE SUFFERING EVEN MORE THAN WE AND WHO ARE IN DIRE NEED OF HELP is what can assuage our pains!It is this forgetting oneself totally in service to others that also helps forget one's own suffering whether it is physical or emotional pain.

- R.Krishnan

Emotional Pain has been made a very integral part of human life, not because EP in itself wants to be so, but because the human wants it be so. A s we all know human is a bundle of emotions, but some want to gloriously end up as a bundle of pains. Well, with due respect to the author's "bundle-some attitude", I have only one point to make, like physical pain has pain killers (interesting name!!) for elimination, the author does not have to wait for any speeding lorry to be ripped apart, he/she can most willingly go under the wheels and lo! Behold! the lorry shall become the "pain killer". Regardless of your options for pain killers for EP, you will keep bumping into this anti-human element called pain in this glorious path of life's journey. Take it along or leave it behind. Choice is yours. What say dear author?

- Neena Vashisth

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