Raja's message Beginnings.....

That is how every New Year is thought of. What we need to introspection is......... Do we have to wait for 365 days? Why not think of every dawn that we wake up to as a new day to celebrate and wish happiness to people around us?

Let us not have regrets in case tomorrow never comes...... let us not miss our the moment to take that extra time to give a smile, a hug, a word of love, a word of appreciation and a word of gratitude.

Moreover, let us not forget the past.... What is past was also an experience.

Good or not so good, let us treat it as a learning experience and move on with the firm belief that what is past should be left there and what is yet to come is to be welcomed with an open and positive attitude.... Each Day..Every day.

Be ready to change, like the change of the day and year.... be ready to shed the old and the stifling, and be ready to renew our faith in ourselves as well as faith in those around us.


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