Raising Children - Who Need Counselling?

Being an avid reader, I have browsed upon the best selling books on human psychology and behavior patterns.

Wayne Dyer in his fascinating inspiring book 'Your Erroneous Zones' has written about 'Approval Seeking' and how this affects the child. The feeling of 'being valuable' is the cornerstone of the child's self esteem. This knowledge of truly being loved, being valued is much more than gold. But sincerely, the 'Self Esteem' is bolstered by the very near and dear adults.

In this context, I would like to put forth this incident, which has perturbed my so called erroneous zones....!

A teacher to a child of the 7th standard mockingly starts her dialogues "You stupid, careless fellow! How dare you, you mad head!" Why?? Just because he had playfully forgotten to attend his physics oral test rating for 5 marks!! The child innocently, already ashamed (all this is happening in the Open House Auditorium with at least 25 adults and children present) pleads forgiveness, vows that he will not repeat this, with a dull sullen face: (as if has committed a sin) Does the teacher change her facial expression? No! Not at all. She is not LISTENING. She heats up more; with burning dialogues. The child for 'Approval Seeking' tries to speak in the softest tone possible, that he had later come and searched for her in the staff room!

Wait! It's not yet over and done. Now the Home front. Imagining! The scene at home More of the bolstering of the child's feelings! The child is merely a throw ball between the School and the Home Fronts ! Yes! Of course Life continues. Now... my pause is what can we as counsellors, as humans with an understanding attitude, do? Who needs counselling? WHEN do they need? And from WHERE CAN YOU START? To help them become AWARE of the basics of LIVING LIFE...!

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