Fear Turned Fame

Fear turned fame

Entered the gate: "College........Coll.........Coll"
Humming like a great singer
I walked holding my Dad's little finger
First day of college with fear
I entered almost with a tear.

My life in college is a dream,
But not as sweet as ice cream!
Ragging was my biggest fear
But it was all a drama.
Subjects were many
And many sounded funny.

Months passed, time flew by
Dances, songs, and a fete
followed too.
No more was I a fresher
For I was called a refresher.
My dance captured all hearts.
Today I'm the most sought.

When I look back holding
My Dad's finger and entering,
I'm proud for today it's he
Who holds my little finger
To say, come home to be with me.

I just hope the rest of my college life
Is full of fun and no tear.

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