Employee's Confession

(A real letter written by a employee after being fired from his job)

At the outset let me begin by thanking you for giving me an opportunity to serve you. I have done a lot of introspection lately and have the following to confess:

I feel guilty. When I went home after our last discussion, I tried to analyze all the circumstances, which led to that eventful morning. I personally feel that your decision was correct. Given the circumstances, I would have taken the same decision much earlier than you have.

This letter is not a request for my reinstatement in your firm not is it directed to achieve that end. I is only a confessional. I had patiently listened to all you had to say on that fateful day and agree with whatever your position is on the matter.

I do not have anything to say in self-defence. I do not have anything good to say about myself. My mental agony gets compounded even at the thought of it. Presently, my position is that of a sailor who has been shipwrecked in the midst of Pacific ocean. In such a situation, he has only two choices, either to gather his resources and push for survival, or otherwise drown.

As you have rightly said, I am the best judge for myself. I hereby my unconditional apologies for whatever agony and mental strain was caused to you due to my negligence, irresponsibility and callousness.

At present my mind is engaged in the midst of a voyage to self-realization. I have never realized my full potential. For the first few days, I was in a very disturbed state and was not able to sleep peacefully. I wish to re-iterate that I still hold you in high esteem and am aware of the act that you have always wished me well.

There are many weaknesses inherent in every individual, but in my case I feel that it has exceeded in all limits. My biggest weakness is perhaps that I make them apparent. Moreover, at this juncture in life, I admit that I am directionless and have no short term or long-term goals to achieve whatsoever.

I shall henceforth endeavor to overcome my shortcomings and strive to become a better person. Perhaps when we meet again at any point of time, you should be proud to declare that I was associated with your firm for some period. But this is not going to be achieved overnight.It will take a lot of self determination and motivation from persons like you.

With this confession, I feel that my mental burden has become lighter. I know you will appreciate this letter and take it the right sense and spirit.

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