Connected To The Universe

"All beings are one, everything in the universe is connected to each other. There is a meaning and purpose in everything that happens, and there is a law of nature that ensures that everything moves systematically. We are not alone and we should not consider ourselves as different from others". These were the thoughts going on in my mind when I was driving down to office, listening to a wonderful discourse on the radio cassette in the car. Peace and tranquility were pervading my very being. I felt happy, and in harmony with everything and everyone around me.

Just then an autorickshaw with more than one dozen school kids in it, some hanging precariously at the side openings, swerved crazily in my path. I had to brake hard to avoid hitting him, and for a moment I was numb with fear what would have happened if I had ti hit the kids. Then the dam burst. I let out a barrage of expletives at the auto driver, both in Kannada and Hindi, to make sure he got the meaning. I cursed him to the depths of hell, and threatened to take him to police. Of course, nothing more came out of the incident, and we both went our respective ways after a minute. My mood was broken. Gone was the calm and inner peace. I definitely did not feel connected to the auto driver. I gave no thoughts to what problems he may have in life. I was in a hurry to reach office and get down to the mundane activities of selling my products to the customers, and selling myself to my boss. I went back to being connected only to survival, not to life.

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