Building Positive Mental Attitude

I am a very pessimistic person and look at things in a very negative way. I am always anxious about the future. There is nothing happening to make me feel sad, but I never seem to be able to pull myself up. How can I build a Positive Mental Attitude?

First make sure that there really is no cause for your pessimism. It could be something buried deep in your memory that is still unresolved. If you feel that there is no cause, then start working on the behaviour modification. Some suggestions:

  • Keep the company of positive and optimistic friends (not fool hardly ones)
  • List out all the positive things that happen to you every day.
  • Set yourself some small, easy goals, and mark your progress on them.
  • Develop a mantra of positive affirmations, and keep repeating it
  • List out your strengths and weaknesses. Reward yourself for your good work, and introspect how you could have overcome failures.
  • Help out others who are feeling low- this itself is a great therapy for you.

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