Better Maid-Mistress Relationship

For a better maid-mistress relationsip

Maid-Mistress relationship!! Huhh.... BP really goes high. A very important relationship at least in India, more than husband-wife relationship. All the mental health of the family typically depends on how really this maid-mistress relationship is working!!!!

If one carefully reads out "MAID" it has AID in its spelling. If thought carefully dosen't maid really serve as a mental-aid for her Mistress by taking care of small but important day-today activities like sweeping, dusting, mopping, washing, etc.? Since these activities are carried out daily by the maid, her mistress finds their importance only when the maid is absent.

Now comes the word "MISTRESS". The small word that dominates the overall word is STRESS. Mistress a stressful human being who really loses her mental balance in absence of maid or when maid refuses to work accordingly.

So, how really one should work for bettering maid-mistress relationship?

I think, both maid and mistress should behave tactfully with each other making sure nobody takes advantage. Relationship should be appropriate - not too friendly not too distance. Right at the beginning, both should make things very clear to each other like - timing, kind of work, salary, holidays, etc. Thus both should clearly point out expectations from each other. Both should give time to adjust with each other.

Also, in my opinion mistress should take a little more effort for bettering the relationship. Instead of looking at the relationship as servant-master relationship, it should be seen as maid-mistress relationship. Try and appreciate the good work done at regular intervals genuinely as these are the people who get the least appreciation.

Last but not the least, a final caution to the mistress - make yourself mentally tough to start learning how to recover from shocks - as it really helps when the maid finally leaves after all your efforts.

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