Anyone willing to talk face to face?

E-mail has opened so many avenues of communication in our world. One can now interact instantly with people from any corner of the globe.

My mail today consisted of more than a dozen messages. Someone was trying to sell me a loan (money was never so easy to get as far back as I can remember) Another friend wanted to enlighten me about his spiritual Guru. A few messages told me (and a thousand others) what my colleagues from IIT are doing nowadays. At least four or five friends and relatives sent me forwarded mails stories that are supposed to touch my heart. Unfortunately none of them did. For the simple reason that they were mass mails, and not meant for me (I have low self-esteem, but still I value myself a little better than the recipient of "Dear Subscriber" type of messages) Also because I have read them many times before and the so-called "touching" stories narrated in long from have become cliche's.

One mail spoke pathetically about a little baby afflicted with cancer. It said if I am not a heartless brute, I will forward the mail to at least five friends, and this multinational drug company will contribute 10 cents to the little baby's treatment fund for every mail forwarded by me. I was thinking of the hundreds of babies lying in the general ward of Kidwai Hospital for Cancer, and was wondering if any of these message-senders would visit them and bring a smile on their face.

Can we not send two line e-mails, but with those two lines written personally from A and B? Better still, can we not take the pen and write a note of love or concern in our own handwriting? And finally can we not look at each other, smile, see the glow in our eyes (even if the eye has a reddish black colour), hear each other's voice,and spend a few minutes sharing the cool evening breeze?

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