A Day With The Handicapped

I am privileged to be doing some honorary work for 'Provision Asia' an organisation dealing with handicapped particularly polio victims.

Recently I was invited to accompany them on an excursion to Sangam, a well known picnic spot. I was at first reluctant to go as I felt I would be out of place. But later decided to go. The whole journey was an eye opener to me. Men and Woman came in wheel chairs, which were folded and kept in the bus. They even sat on the ground. They sang cheerfully all the way and even danced. They never let their impediment come in their way. On alighting each one got into his or her wheelchair and was wheeled by friends to the river bed. One man even carried his friend on his back.

Then to my astonishment each person got out of the wheel chair and. helped by friends, jumped into the river and swam. It was wonderful to see their cheer and enthusiasm. The youngsters served lunch and we elders were very well treated. Several photos were taken. At about 3.45 p.m. we piled into the bus and the handicapped were seated and wheel chairs brought in. We were off. Snacks were shared and singing started. Before we knew it was dark and we had reached Bangalore tired but happy.

I've been on several trips but not so enjoyable as this one. I was humble to see that less fortunate than me were so happy, irrespective of their handicap. This has etched a picture in my memory forever.

- Lalitha Leene (Helping Hand Volunteer)

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