Series of Workshops on Women Empowerment,
Career Selection, and Life Skills

For Students, Parents, Teachers and Members of
Rotary Club of Solapur

Programs held on 16-17 December 2017, Rotary Club of Solapur, Maharashtra.


The Rotary Club of Solapur in Maharashtra invited Team Banjara to conduct a series of programs for students, parents, teachers and their own members, spread over two days on 16th and 17th December 2017. Sonal, Purnima and Reema took up the responsibility and did a whirlwind series of workshops on topics ranging from Women Empowerment to Career Selection to Life Skills. Hundreds of participants in each session were overwhelmed, and felt that they had received inputs that were never given to them earlier. Many citizens who feel that they are left out of the mainstream since they are in a small city not connected by air and not near any metropolis, thoroughly enjoyed the learning which was made highly experiential and practical, including many exercises, role plays and anecdotes that touched their lives.

The citizens of Solapur are very keen that a “Banjara Solapur” should be established so that they too can get the benefits of what Banjara is giving to Bangalore.

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