Rough Book

Author: Sonal Patel

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Rough book

Do you all remember our days of school where most of the work was done in rough books and then we used to write in fair books which we could show for corrections to our teachers or share with others. Life is so similar to Schools. If we adults can be children’s rough book and allow them to scribble, draw imaginations, erase uncountable times, tear some pages to make artistic folds or make planes and just try to fly??? This rough book was very important till the notes were written in fair book, which had systematic description of all that was required. Till then everything written or drawn with arrows and flowers and what not, was a hint to remember the rest that we wanted to actually write but due to lack of time only those hints could act as reminders.

Rough book

Many times I hear people expressing their love care concern for children but they do not have time to give on a regular basis. Can you become a rough book page for them? Most of the time mothers or the loved ones are the rough-book for their children. Children throw very easily all their emotions and questions on her and when he has to present himself in front of the neighbours, friends, relatives or even father we would have eliminated the “what will not be approved” and present only the best of ourselves. How significant are these rough books? Have you time and again acknowledged the importance of their existence in your life? Do think about it.

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