Psycho-Social Educational Testing & Counselling

The future of your child is in your hands!

You have given your child a good education, provided the best of comforts possible, given all your love and affection. (S)he is growing up now and needs to find an identity and a direction. You can provide that to her, provided you know what she is good at and which direction she needs to be guided towards. You also need to be aware of her limitations and areas where she needs improvement.

Banjara Academy has designed a unique system of assessment on a holistic basis, taking into account all aspects of the child – academic, behavior, emotional and interpersonal. The test is a simple one, a combination of oral and written questionnaires, requiring about 1-1/2 to 2 hours. It can be taken up by students from 7th standard upwards, and it is administered on any working day from 11:30 a.m. onwards.

After the test is done, the evaluation is made and the written report will be given in a few days. Candidates and parents are welcome to come back any number of times to discuss the future course of action, and to avail free counselling.

How sharp is your brain?

Do not use a calculator, and try to get the exact answer to the following (read it only once): On a Sunday you are driving a bus from Bangalore to Mysore. There are only 4 passengers in Bangalore when the bus starts. In Ramanagaram six people get off the bus, and nine people get on, in Channapatna two people get off, and 4 get on, in Mandya 2 people get off and 6 people get on, and on the outskirts of Mysore 6 people get off… the bus then arrives at Mysore city. What was the name of the bus driver?

Sharpen your Axe

You must have heard of the story of the very enthusiastic woodcutter boy who had an opportunity to cut many trees and make lots of money. He became so obsessed with spending all his time chopping trees, that he forgot to sharpen his axe. The more he would chop, the more his axe would become blunt.

Sometimes there is a need to sharpen your axe. With the same efforts you can achieve more, if you know what are your strengths and weaknesses, how you can improve your concentration, study skills, interpersonal skills.

Come over for an hour or two and tackle some interesting mind games and quizzes – and we will profile you and tell you how to sharpen your axe. Answer the questions and leave, and we will send you a report highlighting all your good qualities and potential. See you soon!

Answer to “How Sharp is your brain”?

Isn’t it obvious? The name of the driver is YOUR name. Read it carefully once more and you will see why. If you did get the answer in first reading, then hearty congrats. Whether you got the answer or not, you can sharpen your brain further. We will show you how.