Psychosocial Care for Senior Citizens

Program held on 8 November 2017, NIMHANS, Bengaluru.

Dr. Ali Khwaja of Banjara Academy at the convocation of students of Bangalore Community College, Bengaluru, 15 July 2017.

NIMHANS, in collaboration with Banjara Academy, organized a seminar on “Psychosocial Care for Senior Citizens” at the Govindaswamy Building in their campus on 8th November 2017. It was attended by research students, professionals, teaching staff, volunteers of Helping Hand, and many citizens concerned for the welfare of the elderly.

The keynote address was given by chief guest Dr. Ali Khwaja on practical ways of reaching out and improving the quality of life of the elders. He stressed that since physical health-care is taking rapid strides and most diseases are treatable, most body parts can be transplanted, the focus will be shifting in the coming years to mental health care, which will determine the quality of life in later years. He listed out a number of simple ways by which elders can be gainfully employed and made into productive members of society, while also enjoying their sunset years.

Dr. P. T. Sivakumar, Professor and Head of Geriatric Psychiatry Unit of Nimhans spoke on networking for the wellbeing of senior citizens, and requested the support of Banjara Academy in the forthcoming ventures being taken up jointly by Nimhans and the Karnataka State Government.

Dr. A. Thirumoorthy, Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatric Social Work, Nimhans, presided and introduced the Chief Guest.

Volunteers working for the welfare of senior citizens shared their experiences.

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