Jennifer Christy

Jennifer Christy ( Jenni), Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills(DCS) of Banjara Academy
Jennifer Christy ( Jenni), Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills(DCS) of Banjara Academy of Banjara Academy
DCS Reg No-13RT-432
Jul 2012-Apr 2013

I really enjoyed doing DCS and right from day one I felt that I’m in the right place.

What struck me in the first place was the cordial relationship between Banjara staff. It was heartening and motivating to note that Banjara not only preaches but also practices what it preaches. Ali, explained in one class why DCS was designed over such a long duration :Practical learning takes time. We could have finished all the theory in just three months and walked away with a certificate. But then there would have been NO learning. But now, enough time was given to really understand the value of each skill, make a conscious decision to develop that skill and then put it into practice also in my daily life. Actually when we were asked to start practical and institutional visits, I felt I was not equipped and was not confident. But Sreedhar explained the reason behind that. He said if you had taught us body language, tone of voice etc, in the beginning, our whole concentration would have been on whether we were doing things right, rather than genuinely reaching out to people.

Banjara took the responsibility to explain to us at each point, what was the background of each decision taken. So that helped me understand the intention, follow the instruction with commitment without feeling forced, feel part of the ‘Banjarafamily’. The course content and the schedule was good and well planned. Giving us various options to fit in and not miss anything. I enjoyed doing the assignments that were so practical oriented, designed to sharpen our skills in various aspects. The trust that you put in us in doing our practical work made me feel responsible and more commited. The fact that you asked for constant feedback on each and every session, resource person, programme showed that you valued each person and wanted to improvise. At the end of the course I feel confident to say that I am a counselor and have no doubts about my capabilities. Thank you !!!! The biggest learning that I had from DCS was the non-judgemental attitude. The moment I see a person or even here their voice over phone, a judgement about that person just pops in my mind. But most of the time, that judgement is false. To be true, when I walked into DCS class, I had judgments about each of my batchmates. But as I interacted with them and came to know them, I realized how wrong I was. Actually terribly wrong. This has really hit me very hard. Non-judgemental attitude is very very hard to achieve, I’m still in the process of achieving it, but I am happy that atleast I have begun the process. This has helped to reduce the number of my problems because some of them were because I had judged people around me in the wrong way including family and friends. It has helped me to try to put myself in their shoes and view things.
It has helped me acknowledge difference of opinion and perception. Now I value and respect each person whom I meet. DCS has motivated me to reach out to people. It has taught me the value of each spoken word of concern, each gentle touch, the powerful impact of a simple gesture such as a smile. How much of a difference these things that we do make in other people’s lives. And the immense power of positive strokes … I’ve started giving positive strokes to people in my family and friends’ circle and can see how much it motivates people to do better, makes people wanted and loved. I’ve never told my near and dear ones what they really mean to me, but after DCS when I communicated that to them, how happy they were!!! And in return they gave me back positive strokes which made me feel elated, on top of the world!!!! As a mother I only used to point out the mistakes in my children and correct or scold them for that, but failed to appreciate them for what they did well. Now I have started appreciating the tiniest things which makes them feel good, and helps them receive the negative strokes also in good spirit. DCS has also made me very assertive. I am a pleasing type of personality. And I have a great difficulty in saying “NO”. Because of this, I used to feel victimized and that others are taking advantage of me. In saying ‘NO’ I was afraid of hurting others and being labeled as bad. Now I have developed the courage to be ME. And also saying the ‘NO’ sandwiched with positive strokes and gentle tone of voice, so that the other person understands. DCS was not just learning theories and later on forgetting them. Most of the learning was practical and involved doing. Thus DCS has changed my way of thinking, feeling, and acting. And this is something that I will continue to do for the rest of my life. Personally I have become more confident of handling issues as they come. THANK YOU SO MUCH BANJARA !!!!!!

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