Amit Jaiswal

B.E. (Civil) - Graduate in Engineering; Software engineer

Amit Jaiswal, Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills(DCS) of Banjara Academy
Amit Jaiswal, Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills(DCS) of Banjara Academy of Banjara Academy
DCS Reg No-13RT-313
Jul 2012-Apr 2013

I started the course with the only goal of learning something in the field of psychology.

I didn’t have huge expectations as I was extremely happy to have found a course, which can teach me counseling on weekends, without compromising with my job and going to college. It was a fun filled journey for me. I used to enjoy, meet so many people and learned counseling having fun. Here, I could be myself, discuss any topic without being embarrassed. Gradually, I realised that I am learning counseling very well. There was no competiton here, no fixed laws so I was automatically concentrating without any difficulty. Very soon, I realised that I have to work on myself to understand the counseling skills better and to be a good counselor.

Each topic and subsequent discussions with batchmates, gave me an amazing insight into myself. Contrary to my batchmates, I started believing that counseling skills are life skills. The moment I understood the concepts like Unconditional Acceptance, Validation and Non Judgementalism, I felt so much of inner bliss that Wow such a fantastic concept. I can’t express the joy of realising that now, I can become a good counselor; these skills are understandable for me. So, finally I can handle my issues as well which was not my expectation from the course.
During the course I understood that we all are equally capable human beings and everything in the world is just my perception. No perception is right or wrong. It just depends on an individual's situations in life and to understand that I started using Empathy, which I call as the Brahmastra.

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