Col. Harish V. H.

Harish V.H.Col., Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills(DCS) of Banjara Academy
Harish V.H.Col., Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills(DCS) of Banjara Academy of Banjara Academy
DCS Reg No-13RT-214
Jul 2012-Apr 2013

For me, it was an interesting experience doing the course.

The usual pressure on an academic course was not felt during this course. Practical orientation of the course was fairly good. Some of the interesting aspects of the course were:- a. I have acquired a good set of friends. b. I became more aware of the problems/issues of ladies of different ages. c. I have improved my self-awareness. LEARNINGS/TAKE AWAY FROM DCS Learnt the importance of addressing the feelings and emotions in counseling. Learnt the importance of nonjudgementalism, empathy and active listening in counseling. The following practical aspects of Nondirective counseling have been of use to me during my counseling sessions with counselees of different ages:- a. The emotions are very real to the person who is experiencing it. b. We have to address the emotions of the concerned person first, before the actual problem can be addressed. c. When the person becomes emotionally calm, she is able to get better clarity of the situation. d. When a person is worried and confused, ‘active and empathetic listening’ is the best way to calm her. e. When we understand a person from her ‘internal frame of reference’, there will be better understanding of her state of mind and clarity of her situation. f. When we empathize with her in a nonjudgmental manner, she feels understood and this calms her. This in turn, will empower her to handle the situation in a better way. g. A person is more open to suggestions when she is calm and feels we have understood her. h. A person is more likely to take action to resolve the issue, if she feels the ownership of her decisions.

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